In order to continue in the Basic courses, the student must complete the following:

Complete and submit physical examination form and required data PRIOR to attendance at clinical. The student must present written documentation on NW-SCC forms of a physical examination within the last 12 months by a licensed practicing physician or nurse practitioner. In addition, the student must:
Be free from any communicable disease;
Possess eyesight in a minimum of one eye correctable to 20/20 vision approximately one hundred and eighty (180) degrees peripheral vision capability and have adequate color perception.
Complete a health history, verifying such information as immunization and disease history and special medical needs;
Receive (at student expense) necessary immunizations/tests including hepatitis vaccine;
Demonstrate the ability to send and receive messages.
Meet “Essential Functions of the EMT” with or without accommodations by assigned date. A copy of these functions is available upon request and they will be distributed the first night of class.

Complete and submit “Essential Functions of the EMT Verification form” by required date. This form is distributed the first night of class;

Purchase professional liability insurance through the college;

The EMS program grading scale is:

100 – 90 = A

89 – 80 = B

79 – 75 = C

74 – 60 = D

59 and below = F

Receive a grade of “C” in each EMS or EMP course in order to continue.

Earn a satisfactory clinical evaluation on the clinical component of any course with a clinical component.


EMS 140 - Preparatory and Prehospital Operations

EMS 141 - EMT Assessment and Trauma

EMS 142 - EMT Medical Emergencies

EMS 143 - EMT Basic Clinical Competencies

EMS 107 - Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC)

EMS 100 - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation I