Looking for the opportunity to participate in an educational plan that provides a unified introduction into the nature and growth of human knowledge? Then come join other students who have met high academic standards by filling out an application to join in the blended honors courses of NW-SCC's new Honors Program.


      1. Continuing NW-SCC students must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of coursework with a grade point average of 3.0.
      2. No grade may be below a 'C' in any academic subject. (Subject to committee approval for returning students).
      3. Student may withdraw from honors program without withdrawing from class.
      4. High school students must have 2 letters of recommendation from their High School as well as a 3.0 GPA. Download Teacher Recommendation Form here.
      5. Home school students must have a letter from someone familiar with the student as well as their background.


How to participate in the Honors Program:

      1. Complete an application. Applications are available on each campus in the Admissions Office or you can download an application here.
      2. Register for and attend the Honors Forum, which will meet one time each month during the semester on the Shoals Campus. Forum times will be announced each semester.
      3. Sign an Honors Contract with one or more of your instructors. Download an Honors Contract here.


Benefits to the student:

      1. Opportunity to enhance your learning experiences and develop a deeper understanding of college level material.
      2. Opportunity to network with scholars and professionals who can assist in guiding your future.
      3. Chance to meet and work with others who are as passionate about their education as you are.
      4. Lifelong distinction of graduating from college with honors.
      5. Ability to transfer your honors credit to many four-year institutions and continue participation in their programs.
      6. Opportunity to travel within the United States and abroad
      7. More competitive scholarship opportunities when applying to transfer institutions.
      8. Creation of special college memories that will last forever!

For information on designated blended honors courses, please see the semester schedule for specific course offerings. Faculty members interested in developing honors courses may click here for course development guidelines or click here for a course proposal form. Applications are available on-line at www.nwscc.edu or contact Joan Baltes, Program Director at 256-331-5353 or at jbaltes@nwscc.edu.

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