Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is a resource for prospective and current students at NW-SCC. We provide assistance with general information and student support. Our services and programs are designed to empower students and connect them with the resources needed to achieve both academic and personal goals. The staff is available to assist you in any way while you are here at NW-SCC. Your success is important to us!

Student Success Center Services:

*Academic Coaching
*Early Alert Referral System
*Free Workshops
*Group Study Rooms
*Resume and Interview Assistance
*Mock Interviews
*Support for Student Success Classes
*Peer Mentors
*Assistance with Financial Aid
*Registration and Advising Assistance
*Various Student Activities and Programs Throughout the Year


For more information, contact Marchia Oates at 256-331-5207 or Brittany Jones at 256-331-8062.