Distance Education Testing
Most distance education courses require at least one on-campus exam. These exams may be taken in the Competency Testing Center on either the Shoals or Phil Campbell campus. The Shoals campus testing center is located in Building 127, between Building 112 and Building 107 (the Child Development Center). The Phil Campbell campus testing lab is located in Building 302 (OC), Room 105. Students should make an appointment at least two days in advance to take exams on the Shoals campus and one week in advance for the Phil Campbell campus. Appointments for both campuses are scheduled through the Shoals campus testing center.
Hours of Operation
  Shoals Campus Testing Center Phil Campbell Testing Center
Monday 8:00 a.m.  8:00 p.m. Call for an appointment
Tuesday 8:00 a.m.  8:00 p.m. Call for an appointment
Wednesday 8:00 a.m.  8:00 p.m. Call for an appointment
Thursday 8:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. Call for an appointment
Friday Call for an appointment Closed Call for an appointment
College Closed
College Closed

Competency Testing Center      256-331-5482

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Compass Placement Testing
All new enrollees who have not successfully completed college-level English and mathematics courses "nor scored 20 or above on the math and English portions of the ACT exams" must take the COMPASS placement test before registering for classes. This test indicates the beginning levels of math, English and reading courses.

This test allows calculator usage on the algebra portions. The following types of calculators are NOT permitted: pocket organizers, handheld or laptop computers, electronic writing pads or pen-input devices, models with a QWERTY (typewriter) keypad, and models with built-in capability to simplify algebraic expressions, multiply polynomials, or factor polynomials. Specifically prohibited models: CFX-9970G, Casio Algebra fx 2.0, TI-89, and TI-92. Any four function, scientific, or graphing calculator, except as specified, may be used.

This test is placement only does not determine whether or not a student is allowed to enroll at the College. However, some programs (ADN, LPN and EMS) have required scores on the placement test as part of their eligibility requirements.

For more information, visit the COMPASS website by clicking here.

For placement purposes, students may re-test only once. Prior approval from the Dean of Instruction's office is required for retesting. There is a $8.00 retesting fee.

The competency testing center gives the Compass Placement Test. You must have an appointment!
Competency Testing Center (Shoals Campus)      256-331-5482
Carolyn Fincher (Phil Campbell Campus)           256-331-6297

You may also contact the Advising/Testing Center on the Shoals campus for an appointment to take the Compass Placement Test.
Advising/Testing Center    256-331-5375

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CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
CLEP is a National System of credit by examination. The College is an open test center. Credit earned through examinations will be accepted provided appropriate scores are achieved and certain conditions are met. A minimum score at or above the 50th percentile on both general examinations and subject examinations is required for specific course credit.

NW-SCC currently awards CLEP credit in the following subject areas:
American Government
American History I & II
American Literature
Calculus with Elementary Functions
College Algebra
College Composition (with essay)
College Composition (without essay)
Computers and Data Processing
Development Psychology
English Literature
General Chemistry
General Psychology
Intro to Business Management
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Business Law
Intro to Macro and Micro economics
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Sociology
Spanish I & II
Western Civilization I & II
Principles of Management

Contact Carolyn Fincher at the Phil Campbell campus for additional information.      256-331-6297 /

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GED Testing
For information on preparing for the GED, contact the Adult Education Department at 256-331-5440 or visit the website. To schedule a GED test, contact Carolyn Fincher (Phil Campbell) at 256-331-6297 or e-mail her at carolyn@nwscc.edu. The Chief Testing Examiner is Donnie Sweeney, 253-331-5438 or dsweeney@nwscc.edu.

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