MONTGOMERY, ALA. — Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Chancellor Jimmy H. Baker released the below statement regarding the vote held today at Northwest Shoals Community College (NWSCC).

“A vote of no confidence organized in this manner has no bearing on an individual’s job security and the vote that occurred today represented the voices of less than 18% of Northwest Shoals Community College faculty and staff. In the short time Dr. Colagross has been president at NWSCC, she has proven her leadership in the face of adversity and has demonstrated her open-door policy in addressing concerns of her faculty, and staff. Just last week, meetings were held at the Phil Campbell and Shoals campuses to address concerns. As I said when she was appointed, Dr. Colagross was brought on to bring stability to a difficult situation and she has done just that. I am confident in the leadership and capabilities of Dr. Colagross and it is my hope that the Northwest-Shoals community can move forward together keeping their sights on the most important piece of the of the Alabama Community College System equation – our students.”

Please note: the vote today occurred was not an AEA initiated vote. AEA was present to ensure that employees had confidence that the vote was handled in a fair and transparent way.