Our Staff

Brittany Jones, M.S.

Executive Director of Student Success

Phone: 256-331-5319

Email: bjones@nwscc.edu

Marchia Oates, M.S.

Coordinator of Student Success Center

Phone: 256-331-5207

Email: moates@nwscc.edu

Melanie Thompson, M.S.


Phone: 256-331-5375

Email: mthompson@nwscc.edu

Savannah Liles, M.A., NCC

Student Success Coach

Phone: 256-331-8086

Email: savannah.liles@nwscc.edu

Indigo Fort, M.S.

Student Success Coach

Phone: 256-331-8157

Email: indigo.fort@nwscc.edu

Sherry Campbell, M.A, LPC

Student Success Coach

Phone: 256-331-8189

Email: sherry.campbell@nwscc.edu

PC Student Success Coach