Refunds, Withdrawals, and Return to Title IV Policies


Once a student’s account has been paid and there is a reimbursement due to the student, it will be processed by the Business Office. The student will need to visit their BankMobile Disbursements Profile to choose the way they will receive their refunds. For all refund questions, please contact the Business Office at 256-331-5226.


A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from ALL classes before the first day of class will be refunded the total tuition and other institutional charges. A student who withdraws COMPLETELY on or after the first day of class but prior to the end of the third week of class will be refunded according to the official withdrawal date as follows:

  • Withdrawal during first week – 75% of net tuition
  • Withdrawal during second week – 50% of net tuition
  • Withdrawal during third week – 25% of net tuition
  • Withdrawal after end of third week – no refund
  • Withdrawal periods for refunds during mini terms may be prorated.

Students who are withdrawing from any classes after the drop/add period must speak to the student financial services office to see how withdrawing from the classes will affect them on an individual basis.

Return to Title IV

A student who completely withdraws from school may have to return all or a portion of their financial aid to the United States Department of Education. The calculation is based on the number of days the student attended prior to the withdrawal up to the 60% date of the semester. A calculation is completed when required to determine the amount of the return. If the student officially withdrawals, the date of the withdrawal will be used in the calculation.  If the student unofficially withdraws, the 50% date of the semester will be used in the calculation. The student will be billed for the amount of the charges that NWSCC returns. Students will be placed on hold for transcripts, grades and registration until the debt is paid.

*For specific semester deadlines, please refer to the course schedule.