myNWSCC (OneACCS Ellucian Banner) Login

Your myNWSCC account provides access to the following student account options: course registration, view account balance, pay tuition, view financial aid status, update address/phone/email, and request a transcript.
Attention Students: You have a new myNWSCC login! 
Please see instructions below on how to access your myNWSCC account using your new login.

Reset Password: To access your myNWSCC account using the new login for the first time, you must first set a new permanent password by visiting the following address –

Note: The password reset process works best on a computer rather than a mobile device.

Username: You must use your NWSCC email address as your username.  If you do not know your NWSCC email address, please contact or call 256-331-5363 during business hours.

Password:  Your password is !NWSmmddyy with the mmddyy being your birthdate.  Be sure to include the exclamation point. For example, if your birthdate is May 30, 1999, your password would be !NWS053099.

Once you have reset your password, you should now be able to click the blue button below to log in.  You only have to complete the password reset one time and should be able to log into your account using the new password in the future.

If you are still unable to log in, please complete the Login Assistance Form.  

Notice to Students:  Read the statement below, and click the ‘I understand and agree to the above statements.’ button to continue to your myNWSCC (Banner) account.

In the event your account becomes delinquent, you will be responsible for all costs of collection.  These costs include collection agency fees, attorney fees, court costs, judgment interest and any other allowable charges in accordance with state regulations.

FINANCIAL AID STUDENTS: How do I check my account to make sure I have satisfied all necessary requirements?

Once you log into myNWSCC, you should:

  • SELECT Student tab or link; next
  • SELECT the Student Landing Page link; next
  • SELECT the Financial Aid Dashboard link; next
  • SELECT and SUBMIT the Award Year


How to Login

  • Go to
  • Select the “myNWSCC” link from the homepage under “Quick Links”
  • Click “Login to My Northwest-Shoals”
  • Enter your SSN# OR your User ID
  • Enter your PIN(6-digit birthdate is default)
  • Click “Login”

How to find your student number (ID)

  • Login to “myNWSCC”
  • Under the Student tab, click on Student Records
  • Click on any of the items under Student Records
  • Your Student Number (aka: Student ID) will be shown on the right-hand side just before your name and above the current date/time.

How to find your e-mail address

  • Under the Personal Information tab, select View Email Address and Phones

How to register for classes if your schedule is already determined

  • Under the Student Tab, select REGISTRATION
  • Select ADD or DROP CLASSES
  • Select the TERM for registration (i.e. Spring 2016)
  • Enter the selected CRNs (Section Numbers) in Worksheet
  • Your schedule will be displayed (ERRORS will be displayed below schedule if any exist)
  • Utilize blue links at the bottom to select Account Detail and to move through the payment process

How to view/print class schedule

  • Under the Student Tab, Select REGISTRATION
  • Select the TERM for registration (if not previously selected)
  • Select Student Detail Schedule Link
  • Print using the Menu Print option, or click the letter “P” while holding down the CTRL key. A pop-up window will open; select your printer and click “OK”

How to drop a class (during registration)

  • Under the Student Tab select REGISTRATION
  • Select the ADD or DROP CLASSES Link
  • Select the desired TERM (if not already previously selected)
  • Under the ACTION heading drop-down menu, select WEB DROP for the desired course(s) to drop

How to build a schedule for registration

  • Under the Student Tab, select REGISTRATION
  • Click LOOK UP CLASSES link
  • Select the desired TERM; click SUBMIT
  • Select Desired Subject (i.e. ENG, BIO, PSY)
  • Select the desired course by clicking under the SELECT heading (NOTE: a “C” indicates the class is closed)
  • Click REGISTER to add the course to the schedule or Click ADD TO WORKSHEET if additional courses needs to be identified first.
  • Repeat the process of selecting desired courses until schedule is complete

NOTE: Adding a class to your schedule does not assure you will be able to take that class. When your click REGISTER, and the system accepts your registration (meaning the class is not full and you tentatively have a seat in that class).

NOTE: The system is purged on scheduled days. Purging removes students who have registered but not paid for their classes. If you haven’t paid for your classes, you could lose your place in that class and if it fills up before you can register again, then you have lost your place in that class for the semester.

NOTE: Financial Aid (PELL Grant) should automatically apply to your account provided you don’t have any holds, and all requirements are completed. You can check on holds under the Student tab > Student Records. To check requirements go under Financial Aid > Eligibility > Select Award Year

NOTE: You can apply your Federal student loan thru myNWSCC. Click on Financial Aid > Award > Award for Aid Year > Accept Award Offer. You should be able to view all available aid on this screen as well.

How to view/print your unofficial transcript

  • Under the Student Tab, select STUDENT RECORDS
  • Click View Your academic Transcript link
  • Under the Transcript Level drop-down menu, choose “Undergraduate”
  • Under the Transcript Type drop-down menu, choose: “Unofficial Web Transcript”
  • Click SUBMIT
  • When your transcript displays, click the letter “P” while holding done the CTRL key.
  • When the pop-up window appears, choose your printer and click “OK”