NWSCC Associate Dean of Instruction, Dr. Timmy James awards Brooklyn Bolton with the 2018 President’s Award for the Phil Campbell Campus.

PHIL CAMPBELL, ALA. — Brooklyn Bolton, of Red Bay, Ala., received Northwest Shoals Community College’s (NWSCC) most prestigious honor Thursday night, April 26, 2018, when she was awarded the President’s Award for the Phil Campbell Campus.

The President’s Award is the most prestigious honor awarded by NWSCC. The faculty and staff submit nominations to the Award Committee for the final selection. The recipient must have earned a grade point average of 3.7 or higher. Also, the recipient must have demonstrated leadership and actively participated in community service while attending NWSCC.

Bolton is President of the Student Government Association, a member Alpha Zeta Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and a College Ambassador. She will be completing her associates degree and transferring to Mississippi State University to peruse a degree in marketing. In addition, Also, she was awarded Ms. NWSCC for the Phil Campbell Campus, Distinguished Business Student, Distinguished English Student and several scholarships from Mississippi State University.