All eligible students of Northwest Shoals Community College are covered for the activities while under the care and direction of the school with the exception of Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit.


The Policy is effective from semester to semester.


If the insured person incurs eligible expense as the result of a covered injury, the company will pay the charges incurred for such expense within the benefit period, beginning on the date of the accident. Payment will be made for eligible expenses not to exceed the maximum medical benefit. The first such expense must be incurred within 60 days after the date of accident. “Eligible Expense” means charges for the following treatments and services that are incurred and include but are not limited to the following as the result of a covered injury, not to exceed the usual and customary charges in the area where provided.
  1. Medical and surgical care by a physician;
  2. Hospital care and service in semi-private accommodations, or as an outpatient;
  3. Radiology/Imaging (X-rays, Lab Tests);
  4. Orthopedic appliances necessary to promote healing;
  5. Ambulance service from the scene of the accident to the nearest hospital;
  6. Dental treatment of sound natural teeth, not to exceed the Maximum Dental Benefit stated in the Policy Schedule as the result of one accident.
  7. Rehabilitation services (Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy).
  8. Prescription Drugs,
  9. Durable Medical Equipment including Prosthetics.


In the event of an accident, the student should:
  1. Report immediately to the nearest doctor or hospital.
  2. A completed claim form is required for each accident in order to process the claim. Secure a claim form from the cashier’s office. Complete and sign the claim form, attach all medical and hospital bills and mail to the Plan Underwriter below.

Claims Administered and Underwritten by:

Wellfleet Insurance Company PO Box 15369 Springfield, MA 01115 877-657-5030 www.wellfleetinsurance.com For a detailed brochure, you can download the Participant Accident Plan on the NWSCC Student Insurance Policy, or contact the NWSCC Cashier’s Office at 256-331-5226 (Shoals Campus) or 256-256-6382 (Phil Campbell Campus).