Why Choose the FAME program at Northwest Shoals

The Alabama FAME (Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) Program at Northwest Shoals Community College (NWSCC) combines an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Industrial Systems Technology and two years of paid industry experience. The program includes cutting-edge curriculum in Electricity, Robotics, Fluid Power, Mechanics, Welding, Machining, and Industrial Troubleshooting. Instruction on best-practices of world-class companies, including Safety Culture, Visual Workplace Organization, Lean Manufacturing, Problem Solving, and Machine Reliability is combined with paid on-the-job training and professional skills education. The FAME program at NWSCC began in Fall 2019.

The FAME Difference

The Alabama FAME AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technician) program at Northwest-Shoals is a pathway to a challenging and well-paying career as a multi-skilled technician.  Once accepted into the Alabama FAME AMT program at NWSCC, students will attend classes two full days per week (16-20 hours per week) while working three full days a week (24+ contact hours) with a sponsoring business from the local area.

After five semesters, AMT students earn an AAS in Industrial Systems Technology, approximately 1,800 hours of on-the-job-training and work experience, an Advanced Manufacturing certificate, and the opportunity for full-time employment or to continue education toward a bachelor’s degree.

FAME Students earn a competitive wage while attending college and gain priceless work experience. Over two years, students can earn as much as $33,500, which with planning can cover all of a student’s education expenses. Students are also eligible to apply for scholarships and federal financial aid. Most AMT students graduate with little or no student debt!

While not guaranteed, sponsoring companies often hire FAME AMT graduates as full time employees. 

FAME Sponsoring Companies


If you have questions regarding the NWSCC FAME Program, please contact:

Allison Mefford
Coordinator of the FAME Program
Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education 
Office: 256 331-5266
Email: allison.mefford@nwscc.edu or fame@nwscc.edu