How many times in the course of your day do you use apps on your mobile device? 5? 10? 50?

Have you ever wanted to learn to create your own? 

In the App Development with Swift course, students will learn to code and design fully functional apps, gaining critical job skills in software development and information technology. The curriculum is designed by Apple engineers and educators and uses Swift, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Mobile App development has been ranked as one of the hottest jobs to have in 2016 with the job market having been predicted to skyrocket by 32% from 2010 through 2020. Developers who can code in Apple’s Swift programming language have been the most in demand over the past year. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn to code with curriculum from the company who invented Swift and defined the App Economy.

If you are interested in the Swift App Development program, email Jeff James, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Instructor, at

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Program Contact

Jeff James
Computer Information Systems (CIS), Instructor