The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) currently offers industry-led training certifications at Northwest Shoals Community College.

What is MSSC Training?

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) training center at Northwest Shoals Community College is an industry-led training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and material handling workers. 

MSSC training offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills increasingly needed in the technology-intensive jobs of the 21st century. Learn more about MSSC training in Alabama.

Does MSSC Training matter to companies?

Absolutely! This is what James McCaslin, Vice President COO, of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, had to say…

“My training experts at Harley have high regard for the MSSC. We have already put more than 150 of our workers through MSSC assessments and are using those results to guide our training priorities. We offer tuition reimbursement for MSSC courses and take MSSC certification into account in hiring decisions.”

Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certification

The CPT Certification addresses the core technical competencies of highly skilled production workers in all sectors of manufacturing. 

MSSC awards certificates to individuals who pass any of its production modules:

  • Safety
  • Quality Practices & Measurement
  • Manufacturing Processes & Production
  • Maintenance Awareness

Completing all four modules will result in full MSSC CPT Certification. MSSC training can be offered in formats best suited for the participants needs. 

If you have questions regarding MSSC certification at NWSCC, please contact:

Taylor Franks

Learn more about MSSC Certification!