MUSCLE SHOALS & PHIL CAMPBELL, ALA. — Four Northwest Shoals Community College (NWSCC) employees were recognized at the 2017 Alabama

(L to R): Kimberly Tucker, Tia Stone, Dr. Glenda Colagross,
NWSCC Acting President; Titus Grisham

Community College System (ACCS) Chancellor’s Awards ceremony Sunday, November 19, 2017, in Montgomery.

Chancellor’s Awards are given annually to each community college in four categories: Administrator of the Year, Academic Faculty Member of the Year, Technical Faculty Member of the Year and Support Staff Member of the Year. The 2017 award winners for NWSCC were:

Administrator of the Year                      Tia Stone
Human Resources Coordinator

Academic Faculty of the Year               Kimberly Tucker
Psychology Instructor/Chairperson

Technical Faculty of the Year               Titus Grisham
                                                             Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Instructor

Support Staff Member of the Year        Michael Thompson
Maintenance employee

The Chancellor’s Awards began 31 years ago in the ACCS as a way to reward and encourage those who have exemplified outstanding performance, creativity and dedicated service to their college.