Career Exploration

College is an exciting time for many students. It is a time to engage with peers, join student organizations, build resumes, and better yourself through education. Did you know the majority of students do not know what they want to major in or what kind of career they want to have?

Do any of these thoughts cross your mind?

  • “I have NO idea what I want to do with the rest of my life.”
  • “I know my career, but I am not sure which major or classes are right for me.”
  • “I know my major, but I am not sure what I can do with it.”
  • “I know I need to plan for my education and career, but the whole process seems very overwhelming.”
Career Exploration

The Career Center at Northwest Shoals Community College is a free resource with professional staff who are trained to guide you through your career planning journey. Everybody’s path to success is different so make the choice to transform your career by connecting with your very own career gurus on campus.

Schedule an appointment today for a one-on-one session or stop by our center located in Building 100.

Work-Based Learning

Education is a very important component to landing your dream job, but experience is often necessary to set you apart from the crowd!

Let us help!

All jobs have skills! 
Come talk with us about experiences that you already have. What components of your current job can you take with you into your future career?

Build your network. 
Networking is the process of establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial, professional relationships. Your network can be a great source of advice and inspiration to help you reach your career goals. Come discuss networking opportunities with us!

Volunteer work absolutely counts!
How can you volunteer your time and build your resume too?

Apprenticeships & Internships
The Career Center may help connect you with information on how to apply for internships, apprenticeships, and other work-based learning opportunities.

Professional Branding (Resume Assistance, Interview Preparation, and Career Closet)

“You never get a second chance for a first impression.” You can have the right skills and experiences to make you the perfect fit for a company, but it is so important that you can communicate your worth to a future employer.

Career Closet on the Shoals Campus
Career Closet on the Shoals Campus

How can we help?

Resume Assistance

Just like it is hard to talk about yourself, it is also hard to look good on paper. Did you know that, on average, an employer will only look at your resume for 6 seconds before deciding if you should get an interview? It is vital that your resume is professional, eye catching, free from error, and able to convince the employer that you will add value to the company. The Career Center staff is trained on best-practices for resume writing. We can help you create a document of which you can be proud!

Interview Preparation

Landing an interview is a huge accomplishment. This normally means that the employer was impressed with your resume and wants to know more about you! Interviewing is a skill and practice makes perfect. Do not wait until you have an interview to begin preparing. Schedule a mock interview with the Career Center to ensure that you are confident and ready to speak to any future employer!

Career Closet

Professional attire should not stand in between you and a great opportunity. Do you have an interview approaching, a job fair that you would like to attend, or just need clothing to wear to work? Visit the Career Center! We have FREE men’s and women’s clothing in many sizes.  To request clothing from the NWSCC Career Closet, complete the form linked here.

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study provides a great opportunity for many students to gain work experience in a setting that prioritizes academic achievement. Eligible, selected students are allowed to work up to 19 hours each week. Work schedules are made around school schedules, and students are not required to work during holidays, weekends, or when the school is closed.

Who is eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS)?

  • Students who wish to work through the Federal Work Study program MUST have a FAFSA on file and must qualify through Financial Aid.

How do I apply for a FWS job?

  • Submit an interest form by clicking here. (link
  • A representative from the Career Center will follow up with you, via email, with instructions on how to set up an account with our career management platform, Career Coach.
  • Upload an updated resume to Career Coach. Please contact the Career Center for assistance.
  • Visit the “Work Opportunities” tab and submit your resume to apply for any Work Study job that looks exciting. (Make sure the job is listed as “work study” instead of “part-time” or “full-time”.)
  • The employing departments will review the resumes and contact students for an interview.

Please Note:

  • The Career Center does not place students into positions. Student workers are chosen through the application process, similar to other jobs for which you may apply.
  • Student workers must be eligible through Financial Aid. We cannot hire any student without the approval of Financial Aid.
  • There are a limited number of Student Worker positions available. Not everyone is guaranteed a position.

Come See Us!

The Northwest-Shoals Career Center is located on the Shoals campus of Northwest Shoals Community College in the Victor P. Poole Administration Building (Bldg. 100). Schedule an appointment today for a one-on-one session.

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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