On behalf of the Division of Student Services, welcome to our Patriot family!  Student Services is here to help assist you with any problems, concerns, or challenges you may have. Our team is a good place to start if you struggle with what to do, where to go, or who to ask.

Our goal is to make your college experience a very fulfilling and successful one. We support you in your educational and personal goals by connecting you to resources that will further enhance your experiences at Northwest Shoals Community College.

I welcome you to campus and look forward to meeting you. I hope your time at Northwest Shoals Community College will be exciting, and challenging to you in new and different ways. Your academic success and student experience are our top priorities. Study hard and enjoy your journey at Northwest Shoals Community College!

Go Patriots!

Dr. Crystal Reed

Dean of Students

Mission Statement

The Northwest Shoals Community College Student Services team is committed to developing individualized student pathways to ensure that students achieve their academic and career goals.

Vision Statement

NWSCC Student Services is dedicated to educating, serving, supporting, and promoting success for a diverse community of learners within a student-centered environment.

Overall Strategic Goals of Student Services

  1. Improve technology and communication
  2. Promote a strong team identity that illustrates a culture of support
  3. Engage students in a comprehensive collegiate experience
  4. Develop individualized recruiting tactics for specific cohorts
  5. Foster a student-centric environment that will enhance academic learning and personal success

Meet the Staff

 Dr. Crystal Reed

Dean of Students



 Savannah Liles, M.A.

Assistant to Student Services/ Student Life Specialist